Does anyone have experience with using resource for styles. I'm working on a program for which we created a custom Style. We saved it as .style and as .vsf. Because we don't want the user to see/change the style of the programm we want to include it in our resource file (.res) This is done as explained in next Link: Customizing and Creating VCL Styles Afterwards the created file (Tested with .style and .vsf) is placed in the Resourcefile as RC Data. Thats the preparation, now what didn't work. (tWinMain)

TStyleManager::SetStyle(TStyleManager::LoadFromResource((unsigned int)HInstance, "StyleName", RT_RCDATA));

This also doesn't work:

TStyleManager::LoadFromResource((unsigned int)HInstance, "StyleName", RT_RCDATA);

also not working

TStyleManager_TStyleServicesHandle MyStyle;
MyStyle = TStyleManager::LoadFromResource((unsigned int)HInstance, "StyleName", RT_RCDATA);

All three methodes resulting in the error message: Invalid Style-handle

Loading the same style from a file works:

TStyleManager::LoadFromFile(stylePath + "StyleName.vsf");

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