I configured an SMTP server with IIS on Windows Server 2016.

We have an bug tracker (Mantis) which use this SMTP to send mail to our customers.

The Majority of our customers received their email whitout issues, but two customers receive mail in the spam folder comming from a "strange adress" : example@domain.com

In the spam console, the customer get : 550 5.7.27 admin@example.com : Sender adress rejected : Domain example.com does not accept mail ( NULLMX)

Any idea about this issue ?

  • Some mail services make sure that the domain for the sender is actually configured with mail services - e.g. if your foo.com domain doesn't actually have MX records in DNS indicating that it's a valid mailer, it'll increase it's spam score. – Joe Sep 8 '20 at 12:44

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