How do I use remote deployment (e.g. push local copies on save) in Pycharm if the remote cluster requires using duo sign?

I used to be able to push on save with the cluster I am using. However, now the cluster requires duo sign in. I still want to be able to push on save from my local to the sever. How do I do that?

I checked the options but I can't see anything obvious that might be helpful to me:

enter image description here enter image description here

I am aware that there might be remote development options (vs-code has something like that). If that is available for pycharm that would be a ok alternative but even if it works I was hoping to have the clusters in sync with my local so to have less copies of everything lying around. I have to admit I need to research and try this option more but I'm unsure if that is the option I want. But if the old workflow does not work it might be the only viable alternative.

Some links I need to read:

ideally the debugger and all the features of pycharm still work.

related links:

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My solution is to set up the usual Deployment configuration (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/settings-deployment.html#preferences-of-the-selected-deployment-configuration) and then go into the configuration that you created. Click on the ... icon. That takes you to another window. Test the connection there, then a pop up window appears. It asks for a passcode. Use the passcode from your phone.

Make sure the sever wants a passcode and not a push. Otherwise, idk what pycharm might do.

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