I have an application for social login on a wifi access point. I tested with the following code with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and it's working perfectly except for Facebook. The FB login screen appears on authenticate(), FB authenticates after entering the credentials and returns a "code" parameter in the URI, but Hybridauth keeps hanging and does not return any UserProfile. Any help is appreciated.

This is my code:

// restore session params
$ap_ip      = $_SESSION['ap_ip'];
$ap_port    = $_SESSION['ap_port'];
$ap_id      = $_SESSION['ap_id'];
$user_mac   = $_SESSION['user_mac'];
$fallback   = $_SESSION['fallback'];

// check callback on error params 
if (isset($_GET['error']) || isset($_GET['denied'])) { // user cancelled or provider threw some error; back to splash screen
    header('Location: ' . $fallback);

// get authorization
include '../hybridauth/src/autoload.php';

$id = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
$secret = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

$callback = "https://$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]" . strtok($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], '?');
$config = ['callback' => $callback, 'keys' => ['id' => $id, 'secret' => $secret]];

$provider = new Hybridauth\Provider\Facebook($config);
$provider -> authenticate();
$userProfile = $provider -> getUserProfile();
$provider -> disconnect();

// process user data
// ...

// notify user and grant full internet access on AP
$user_url   = "https://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . "/splash/social.php?connected";
$full_logon = "http://$ap_ip:$ap_port/logon?user=******&passwd=********&user_mac=$user_mac&ap_id=$ap_id&user_url=$user_url";
header ('Location: ' . $full_logon);

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