I have a CSV called Parsing.csv and the contents are displayed as below

userid            data_to_parse
54f3ad9a29ada   "value":"N;U;A7;W"}]
54f69f2de6aec   "value":"N;U;I6;W"}]
54f650f004474   "value":"Y;U;A7;W"}]
54f52e8872227   "value":"N;U;I1;W"}]
54f64d3075b72   "value":"Y;U;A7;W"}]
54f69dc01793f   "value":"N;U;A1;W"}]
54f5d26833ce6   "value":"N;U;A1;W"}]
54f52b1a7e647   "value":"N;U;A4;W"}]
54f4ae7da8d01   "value":"N;U;A1;W"}]
54f6290ca187d   "value":"N;U;U;W"}]

I have read this dataframe using

Parsing = pd.read_csv("data/Parsing.csv") 

Now I wanted Parse out the values (stored in the “data_to_parse” column) into four separate columns.

So for example, the four additional columns for the first entry would have values of “N”, “you”, “A7”, and “W”. This data basically comes from JSON blobs. How can I achieve it ?

Tried this but it gives me an error, saying it doesn't recoqnize JSON in pandas attribute error


expected output:1st entry in the dataframe with different columns will be as below--

userid        | value1| value2| value3| value4
54f3ad9a29ada | N     |  U    |    A7 | W
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    Please provide an actual sample data not an image, along with a complete expected output – Chris Sep 9 '20 at 1:46
  • @Chris updated the question – Ashita Ramteke Sep 9 '20 at 1:54

IIUC, one way is to make them a proper json and use pandas.Series.str.split:

s = ("{" + df["data_to_parse"].str.strip("]")).apply(pd.io.json.loads)
df2 = s.str["value"].str.split(";", expand=True)
new_df = pd.concat([df, df2.add_prefix("value")], axis=1)


          userid         data_to_parse value0 value1 value2 value3
0  54f3ad9a29ada  "value":"N;U;A7;W"}]      N      U     A7      W
1  54f69f2de6aec  "value":"N;U;I6;W"}]      N      U     I6      W
2  54f650f004474  "value":"Y;U;A7;W"}]      Y      U     A7      W
3  54f52e8872227  "value":"N;U;I1;W"}]      N      U     I1      W
4  54f64d3075b72  "value":"Y;U;A7;W"}]      Y      U     A7      W
5  54f69dc01793f  "value":"N;U;A1;W"}]      N      U     A1      W
6  54f5d26833ce6  "value":"N;U;A1;W"}]      N      U     A1      W
7  54f52b1a7e647  "value":"N;U;A4;W"}]      N      U     A4      W
8  54f4ae7da8d01  "value":"N;U;A1;W"}]      N      U     A1      W
9  54f6290ca187d   "value":"N;U;U;W"}]      N      U      U      W

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