I'm little bit confused.

I have 3 entities: A(with a set of B - oneToMany), B(having an FK to C - manyToOne), C.

I'm trying to build a Specification using JPA in this manner:

LongFilter lf = new LongFilter(); lf.setEquals(Long.parseLong(value));
return buildSpecification(lf,
           root -> root.join(A_.bs,JoinType.INNER)

I see, in this manner, a query is done:

SELECT *** FROM A inner join B on A.id=B.idA inner join C on B.idC=C.id WHERE C.id=****

This kind of query is merely not optimized because I don't need to join with C table and can resolve directly joining A with B and filter over B.idC

I try to do:


but I have a compilation error:

Type mismatch: cannot convert from Path to Expression

Seems I MUST explicit all the relations in join (even if they are unusefull). Extending the situation,... if I need to filter over a generic field of B, not the id of C (so A join B where B.xxx=something), how can I do?

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