We're sending transactional emails to customers now who are using Outlook, Gmail, and other clients.

We want to send Actionable Messages conditionally, only for our Outlook / Office 365 customers (where we would send a completely different transactional email to non-Outlook users), but we're not sure how to determine if a receiver is using Outlook / Office 365 instead of, for instance, Gmail.

  • Is there a way to determine a receiver's email client type before sending?
  • If not, is the best way to logically display actionable messages vs. fallback for other email providers is with conditional tags? i.e. <!--[if mso]><![endif]-->

I also noticed that Gmail sometimes marks emails with <script> tags (which are needed for actionable messages) as dangerous. I've tried only rendering them for Office 365 clients like the below sample, but this doesn't work:

<!--[if mso]>
  <script type="application/adaptivecard+json">
        "$schema": "http://adaptivecards.io/schemas/adaptive-card.json",
        "type": "AdaptiveCard",
        "version": "1.0",
        "originator": "",
        "body": [
                "size": "large",
                "text": "Hello Actionable message",
                "wrap": true,
                "type": "TextBlock"
        "actions": [
                "type": "Action.InvokeAddInCommand",
                "title": "Open Actionable Messages Debugger",
                "addInId": "3d1408f6-afb3-4baf-aacd-55cd867bb0fa",
                "desktopCommandId": "amDebuggerOpenPaneButton"
| |

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