how to download folder(contains folder inside folder and files) from putty using ssh client i want download entire Dump to local Drive... can any one guide me ...

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You need to use some kind of file-transfer protocol (ftp, scp, etc), putty can't send remote files back to your computer. I use Win-SCP, which has a straightforward gui. Select SCP and you should be able to log in with the same ssh credentials and on the same port (probably 22) that you use with putty.

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    Thanks, it is easy to use. The UI similar as FileZilla. Just input the IP, Host + Pwd, then can copy and paste from/to server/local pc. – sky91 Feb 2 '17 at 2:10

You cannot use PuTTY to download the files, but you can use PSCP from the PuTTY developers to get the files or dump any directory that you want.

Please see the following link on how to download a file/folder: https://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/0.60/htmldoc/Chapter5.html


If you need to download a folder via a Linux command try this out:

$ scp your_username@remotehost.edu:foobar.txt -r /some/local/directory


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  • What is -r and why are you downloading a .txt doc and not a folder? – User Nov 2 '15 at 0:17

I use both PuTTY and Bitvise SSH Client. PuTTY handles screen sessions better, but Bitvise automatically opens up a SFTP window so you can transfer files just like you would with an FTP client.

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