I am encountering an issue where I am not able to open my localhost web apps because Microsoft Edge is redirecting the URL http://localhost:3000 to https://localhost:3000. Due to this I get the error

The connection for this site is not secure. localhost sent an invalid response.

Why is this happening and what is the fix to it?


I got a solution from this article

Following are the steps for Microsoft edge -

  • Go to Edge browser and type following statement in address bar.


  • Scroll all the way down to the section below and enter “localhost”, then click “Delete”. enter image description here

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    Thanks for posting the solution to this issue. I suggest you try to mark your own answer to this question after 48 hrs when it is available to mark. It can help other community members in the future in similar kinds of issues. Thanks for your understanding. – Deepak-MSFT Sep 11 '20 at 1:57

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