I need to put

order by tabB.id desc
limit 1

in a subquery because the subquery must return a single value.

        Long filter= Long.parseLong(value);
        return (root, query, builder) -> {
            Subquery<B> subquery = query.subquery(B.class);
            Root<B> subqueryRoot = subquery.from(B.class);
            Join<B,C> ss = subqueryRoot.join(B_.idC);
            builder.max(subqueryRoot.get(B_.id)); //first try
            builder.desc(subqueryRoot.get(B_.id)); //another try
            return builder.equal(subquery, filter);

adding "first try" and/or "another try" nothing changes in the query created, they are simply ignored and executing it I reach:

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: more than one row returned by a subquery used as an expression

Is there a way to take the first element in the subquery so can apply to the where query?

My situation is similar What are the alternatives to using an ORDER BY in a Subquery in the JPA Criteria API?

but I have a equals not over the id:

SELECT q.id_project FROM status q
WHERE q.status_name like 'new'
AND q.id IN (
   SELECT TOP 1 sq.id from status sq
   WHERE q.id_project = sq.id_project 
   ORDER BY sq.id DESC )

my situation is:

SELECT A.id_project FROM tabA A
WHERE A.col like 'alpha'
AND 'centauri' = (
   SELECT TOP 1 B.colAA from tabB B
   WHERE A.id_project = B.id_project 
| |
  • SubQuery, maybe select(Integer size) or limit(Integer size). – Zorglube Sep 10 at 11:47
  • subquery doens't have these 2 methods. – Giant2 Sep 10 at 12:45
  • One option is to use a subquery of subquery, but It's not beautiful. Are there any other way? – Giant2 Sep 11 at 8:51

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