I am not sure what I have done wrong, I have made a test app from a live app that has a review going for permission to get access to pages_read_engagement I then created a test app since the current one is live and From what I understood it would inherit our current permissions and pages_read_engagement from the review process.

I also created a test user in the test app that have permission to pages_read_engagement

I get the following error when I try to show posts from the current test user in the test app:

message: "(#10) Object does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permission or reviewable feature, or does not support this operation. This endpoint requires the 'pages_read_engagement' permission or the 'Page Public Content Access' feature or the 'Page Public Metadata Access' feature

I get the same if I log in with my own account who is administrator for the apps

If I put my current app into developer mode I can get access, but I cannot as it is used for instagram so customers would not have access to their instagram data anymore.

So my question is, how do I get the test user in the test app who got access to pages_read_engagement to actually work so I and facebook can test it?

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  • Test users (that is a different thing, than a real user added in the “tester” role) can not interact with real pages. “I get the same if I log in with my own account who is administrator for the apps” - and did you actually grant the permission in that case? – CBroe Sep 11 at 9:14
  • I don't have the permission maybe? I put started the review process yesterday so I don't have the permissions in the live app as of now, so all I can do is login but not show the actual posts because of this, but I see i miss understood how test apps and test users worked I think, but not sure how to process from here, to test it. – Martin Frickmann Sep 11 at 9:28
  • With test users, you can assign what permissions they are supposed to have granted to your app, in the dashboard. But for any real user account that has a role in the app, you need to ask them for the permission - the same way that is always done, by asking them to grant it during the login to your app. As long as your app is in dev mode, or you are using a dedicated test app version of your app, all users with a role in your app can be asked for any permission, reviewed or not. – CBroe Sep 11 at 9:33
  • That is what I thought, that is why I am confused that it is giving me this error I posted – Martin Frickmann Sep 11 at 9:36
  • What is actual request you are making? And check if the access token you are using actually contains the permission (debug it, or make a call for /me/permissions.) – CBroe Sep 11 at 9:38

so as @CBroe wrote, if you use a test user and have set the correct permissions in the test app, then you need to create a page for this to work, you cannot test it with any other pages.

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