I want to know if there is a way to apply multiple styles to a text, here I apply a material theme to this text, but I also want to change this text size, how can I do it ? since I have already used the style attribute

    Text(text = "This is my default text", style = (MaterialTheme.typography).body1)

Also, how to add 2 modifiers , lets say I want to add padding and also a fillMaxWidth


For the TestStyle you can use the merge method.
Also if you want to use multiple modifiers you can concatenated them. In this case the order affects the final result.


   Text(text = "This is my default text",
           style = (MaterialTheme.typography).body1
                   .merge(TextStyle(fontSize = 20.sp)),
           modifier = Modifier.padding(start = 16.dp).fillMaxWidth()
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Have a look on Spannables for Android, but there is a problem, you probably won't be able to change some of the attributes such as fillMaxWidth only the textAppearance. Here is an example:

This will apply the textAppearance attributes of R.style.TextAppearance_MaterialComponents_Headline1 only to the MaterialText and keep the rest of the text as is.

  val materialText = "MaterialText"

  val text = SpannableString("This is a normal text. $materialText")

      TextAppearanceSpan(this, R.style.TextAppearance_MaterialComponents_Headline1),
      text.indexOf(materialText) + materialText.length,

  textView.text = text

Here is some good articles to better understand this topic:

About Spans


About textAppearance


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