I am trying to share a video from a react native app.

const shareVideoContent = {
  contentType: 'video',
  video: { localUrl: encodeURI(localPath) },
  contentTitle: 'Sample Title',
.then((canShow) => {
  if (canShow) {
    return ShareDialog.show(shareVideoContent);
  (result) => {
    if (result.isCancelled) {
      alert('Share operation was cancelled');
    } else {
      alert('Share was successful with postId: ' + result.postId);
  (error) => {
    alert('Share failed with error: ' + error.message);

I have tried the file from both albums and inside the app every time it shows SharingContent is invalid.

Couple of paths I have tried

{"localUrl": "ph://3C5FBF8E-4546-4D67-99F5-BC2F37EB7CEC/L0/001"}

{"localUrl": "/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/BC4AED6B-BF36-4D12-BD41-0898AE83260C/Documents/VID20843.mp4"}

I have the facebook app installed & logged in.

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