I'm transfering project for C++ Builder 6 on Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.4 and change platform with x86 on x64. My project include five *.dll and two *.exe files. I success transfer four *.dll on x64 platform, but fifth *.dll report about error. When *.dll - file make, I get message about error: "Out of memory". I visited url:


and found out, that in my happening overflow three heap:

  • Code Heap Size
  • Dwarf str Heap Size
  • Info Heap Size

Little by little I enlarged size all heaps. But, soon I reached limitation: "[ilink64 Error] Fatal: Malloc of 65536 bytes failed in ........\bins\Win64\Debug\my_dll.ildw_str, line 6" About this signaling Dwarf str Heap Size. I visited url:


and maked all tips.

I tryed:

  • Setted Large Address Aware flag with the lamarker tool
  • Replace ilink32.exe and ilink64.exe program RAD Studio with version 10.4 on version 10.2.3
  • Incremental linker disabled/enabled
  • Manually removing all files in /debug
  • all rebuild
  • add files to the antivirus exclusions ilink32.exe and ilink64.exe

Me didn't help nothing. How fix this problem? Thanks!

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