No, I am not trying to detonate a nuclear weapon, I am trying to use the Instagram Graph API. After jumping through hoops and getting it to work finally with personal account, I realize that I need to get the feed from a business account and that the whole process is even more complicated.

Anyway, using Laravel socialite package, I have the fb login working, but now I need to add instagram_basic and pages_show_list requests when logging in via fb login, where exactly do I do that? I tried in FacebookProvider/scopes

protected $scopes = ['email,instagram_basic,pages_show_list'];

But I get an error, I guess it goes somewhere else?

  • No, that looks like the correct place to ask for those permissions. – CBroe Sep 14 at 7:04
  • Yes, correct! It turns out the app has to be in "development" mode. – jukenduit Sep 14 at 9:18

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