I'm preparing pie chart in my shiny app. I am using plot_ly package. I want to display both a percentage value and a numeric value on chart. I extract data from the data frame, where they are saved without any separators. But the value is displayed on the chart with "," as the thousands separator as shown on this picture. I would like to change this so that the thousands separator is a space and the number displays without commas. I was able to remove the commas using separators = ' ', but then the separators in percentages are also removed as shown on this picture and the number still does not display as I would like, because there are no spaces between the thousands . Is it possible to change the separator in numbers to a space without changing the separator in a percentage value? This is my code, if necessery:

        labels = c('Women', 'Men')
        values = c(population[1,1], population[1,2])
        numberOfAdult <- plot_ly(type='pie', labels=labels, values=values, 
        numberOfAdult <- numberOfAdult %>% layout(title = "Population by sex",
                                                separators = ' ')

To sum up, I just would like to shown on chart two values: number of women/men and the percentage value. And I would like to format it so that in the case of a percentage value, the separator is a dot (as it is by default), and in the case of a numerical value, the separator is a space

  • Where do you want to display percentage value and a numeric value? Please provide something reproducible – Florian Sep 16 at 9:32
  • @Florian I have edited my question and I tried to explain my problem more readable. I also privided new pictures. I would be very grateful for any help – blueberry40 Sep 20 at 19:38
  • Here you can find the answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/37461827/… – Florian Sep 21 at 5:31

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