I want to parse this xml and store in one data structure in golang below.

camera: LibX,LibY,...(dynamic list) display: LibP,LibQ,...(dynamic list)

        <techpackage_name> camera </techpackage_name>
        ....(dynamic number of libraries)
        <techpackage_name> display </techpackage_name>
        ....(dynamic number of  libraries)
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    What is the Go struct you want in the end? – Burak Serdar Sep 14 at 5:12
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    look at encoding/xml – Shubham Srivastava Sep 14 at 5:13
  • @BurakSerdar I want to parse in Go language. Thats why I have mentioned Go structure which can store the data in above mentioned format – Shravan Kumar Suthaar Sep 14 at 5:18
  • That is not a Go structure. Is that an array? A struct? Define the output you want as a go structure first. Then, if possible, you can add XML tags to that struct to unmarshal the input. If it is not possible, you can use an intermediate struct matching the input structure to unmarshal, and then process to make it look like what you want. – Burak Serdar Sep 14 at 5:21

You can unmarshal what you call "dynamic list" into a slice.

type TechPackages struct {
    xml.Name    `xml:"techpackages"`
    TechPackage []TechPackage `xml:"techpackage"`

type TechPackage struct {
    TechPackageName string   `xml:"techpackage_name"`
    Library         []string `xml:"library"`

var pp TechPackages
if err := xml.Unmarshal(data, &pp); err != nil {


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