I am using Apache Ignite 2.8.0. In old versions I was able to select node_attributes by regular select from cache.

SELECT t.VALUE FROM ignite.node_attributes t WHERE t.name = 'MONITOR_NODE'

In 2.8.0 this select not working for me anymore. Maybe there is some options in ignite I forgot to change? Or there is a different selection for node attributes?

  • Explain "not working": What results do you observe? Do you not get any results? An exception? Does your JVM suddenly vanish? – Joachim Sauer Sep 14 at 6:10
  • Query execution failed. Schema 'IGNITE' not found. – Alexandr Kondratyev Sep 14 at 6:26

In Apache Ignite 2.8.0 you should use SYS schema to query node attributes. Something like that:

SELECT t.VALUE FROM sys.node_attributes t WHERE t.name = 'MONITOR_NODE';

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  • That's worked for me! Thank's! – Alexandr Kondratyev Sep 14 at 10:09
  • You're welcome. Could you please consider accepting the answer as it seems to help according community traditions and guidelines. A green mark will give a future visibility that the solution is verified. – Vladimir Pligin Sep 14 at 11:06

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