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import re
pattern1= r'\d+\s'
place = re.search((pattern | pattern1),s)

I need this regex to work for s='2m' as well as s='2 m' so that I can find m and separate it also it should for in case of s='2 mins' or s= '2mins'

can someone please help me with this. Also PFA Thanks

  • Try re.search("|".join([pattern, pattern1]), s)? – Chris Sep 14 at 5:28

Just use a single pattern with an alternation:


Sample script:

inp = 'I saw it 2 mins ago'
if (re.search(r'\b\d+\s*(?:m|mins)\b', inp)):
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  • I apologize for the DV. It was a mistake as I was going to UV, instead. – Roberto Caboni Sep 14 at 8:52

Use the following pattern that does not use alternation but rather optional sub-expressions:

\b\d+ ?m(?:ins)?\b

Regex Demo

  1. \b Asserts position at a word boundary.
  2. \d+ matches 1 or more digits.
  3. ? Optional space. If you want to allow multiple spaces, then use *.
  4. m Matches 'm'.
  5. (?:ins)? Matches optional 'ins' in a non-capturing group.
  6. \b Asserts position at a word boundary.


import re

m = re.search(r'\b\d+ ?m(?:ins)?\b', 'See you in 2 mins or sooner')
if m:


2 mins

Python Demo

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