I am calling some rest service using spring WebClient. Depending on different circumstances, the response will be either - say SuccessResponseDTO or ErrorResponseDTO. I have used 'retrieve' method of webclient as follows -

Mono<SuccessResponseDTO> response = webClient.post()

As mentioned above, if something goes wrog in the service i am calling, response will be in different format, so SuccessResponseDTO will not work. In that case SuccessResponseDTO is need to be replaced with ErrorResponseDTO.

How can this be achieved? (I don't want to use exchange method instead of retrieve due to some another issue which I have explained here)

  • Use the onStatus method instead and map what to do on which status code. – M. Deinum Sep 14 at 6:55
  • Thank you for your suggestion, M. Deinum – Rushikesh Mandage Sep 14 at 7:30

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