trying to use Japanese model from Spacy. This

import spacy
import ja_core_news_sm
nlp = spacy.load("ja_core_news_sm")

gives me

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'sudachidict' and OSError: symbolic link privilege not held

I reinstalled in administrator mode of cmd spacy and sudachipy==0.4.5 (as suggested in spacy docs), but didn't help. How can I use this Japanese model? Thanks

  • Did you try python -m spacy download ja_core_news_sm? – Sergey Bushmanov Sep 14 at 13:29
  • yes, i tried that – SlimakSlimak Sep 14 at 14:08

Try uninstalling sudachidict_core and reinstalling it in admin mode so that it can create the symlink from sudachidict_core to sudachidict.

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