Okay, I am lost and need some help. I have been looking at links for 2 days now, but everything seems very outdated. I am trying to share links/content etc on Facebook, but I also want the user to be able to choose a different platform to share it on as well.

I know I have to use the Facebook SDK to share on Facebook and I have done that with the following code, and it works if I only want to share on Facebook, it doesn't allow me to pick a different platform.

String shareBody = "This is my text";
    ShareDialog shareDialog = new ShareDialog(this);
    if (ShareDialog.canShow(ShareLinkContent.class))
        ShareLinkContent linkContent = new ShareLinkContent.Builder()
                .setShareHashtag(new ShareHashtag.Builder().setHashtag("#mytag").build())


So how do I get it so that I can use the createChooser and when they select Facebook share it with the Facebook share intent instead of the regular intent, so this way I can also show other ways to share the information and not only Facebook? I know this is possible as Twitter & Instagram both currently do this, when you click their share icon it brings up the default chooser and once you choose Facebook it puts the link or the image.

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