aRects : array of TRectangle;


  count := 5;
  for i := 0 to count-1 do
    aRects[i] := TRectangle.Create(self);
    aRects[i].Parent := self;
    aRects[i].Width := 48;
    aRects[i].Height := 48;
    aRects[i].Position.X := 8+i*48;
    aRects[i].Position.Y := 8;

when i run it it says: [dcc32 Error] Unit2.pas(56): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'self' i have the exact same code but with TEdit on another form and it works perfectly, yet here when i just replace TEdit with TRectangle it just doesnt work for some reason. any help please?

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    This code is not in a method, so there is no Self. See the documentation. – Andreas Rejbrand Sep 15 at 6:42
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    Please edit your question and include minimal reproducible example There is not enough context and code to help you (besides, what @AndreasRejbrand already said) – Dalija Prasnikar Sep 15 at 6:45
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    You don't show the function declaration. So we cannot see if it is a method of an object having "self" or a standard function/procedure without "self". Given the error message, it is likely a standard function/procedure. Just make it a method of your form and it will work. Edit your question and ask to reopen it so that we can write an answer. – fpiette Sep 15 at 7:28

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