I am developing an api that will be eventually behind a paywall - In my scenario, clients would sign up, pay for an api tier/plan and afterwards be able to consume that api from their own apps. Depending on the tier chosen they will have certain usage limits on the api ( e.g. throttling/limits and various apis available depending on tier)

I was thinking of distributing an api_key for ease of use by clients but not sure if thats a good idea or how it would fit in with the Jhipster security model.

I guess I can just have clients sign in to grab JWT access/refresh tokens but that makes things a bit more complex for prospective clients.

Is the answer to go 'full Oauth2' and create separate 'App Clients' of an Okta Authentication server and give each customer their own "clientId + secret" that they can use to obtain access tokens ?

Any advice ?

thank you

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