I'm looking for a good build and dependency tool for objective-c such as ant for build and ivy for dependencies.

I'm aware there are a few maven plugins for xcode :


But I'm looking for the community's read on what's recommended. I don't actually see many resources on this front at all.

There are however lots of links to using Hudson for continuous integration with obj c projects such as :


I'm looking for more direction on the build side of things.


For dependencies, you could use CocoaPods. There is a (command line) tool that ships with Xcode called xcodebuild. The docs can be found by running man xcodebuild from the command line. I don't know of anything that integrates those two, but I could be wrong. You could write a script to combine them, and then call that script from Hudson. The problem with Hudson is that is has to be running on a Mac so it has access to the headers and command line tools.

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