I currently have a TMemoryStream that gets filled via reading a varbinary field, which is originally encoded by UTF8 standard from a MS SQL Server DB table.

The varbinary field contains a header part which needs to be removed before saving the remainder of the stream as a file.

I have successfully pulled out the header information required, which includes the file name, but haven’t found a solution for then saving the remainder of the stream as a valid file.

The data is initially read into a TdxMemData dataset.

procedure TBaseDataPump.SaveAttachments(mtblAttachmentInfo: TdxMemData);
  AFile: TMemoryStream;
  ANewFile: TStringStream;
  sFullPath: String;
  wsImageBlob, wsHeader, wsBody: WideString;
  iposition: Integer;
  if mtblAttachmentInfo.Active then // TdxMemData filled with data
    with mtblAttachmentInfo do
      while NOT EOF do
        // Below code works fine to save the file without removing the data
        AFile := TMemoryStream.Create; // Create the memory stream
        // load the file image from the data to the memory strem

        // Get the header content
        ANewFile := TStringStream.Create('');
        // read  the filed again to a TStringStream

        wsImageBlob := UTF8ToString(ANewFile.DataString);
        // I can see the data as wide string and can find the header bit and its ending position on the 
        //  its ending position on the  string
        iposition := AnsiPos(#13#13#10, wsImageBlob); // find the header ending position

        // getting the header to another widestring
        wsHeader := AnsiLeftStr(wsImageBlob,position);
        wsHeader := AnsiLeftStr(wsImageBlob,POS(#9,wsHeader)-1);
        wsHeader := StringReplace(wsHeader,'''','',[rfReplaceall]);

        // need to save the stream from the position of the end of header as file

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    You create the filestream (the destination) set the Position of the source stream to where you want to begin the copy, and then use the source stream's CopyTo method to copy to the destination. Your code seems overly convoluted, BTW. Why are you creating a TMemoryStream only to copy it to a TStringStream instead of just going directly from the blob field to the TStringStream? – Ken White Sep 16 at 1:42
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    You cannot remove one starting bit, only one starting byte. – AmigoJack Sep 16 at 7:08
  • Hi Ken, Thank you for the reply. I'm using Delphi Tokyo and I could not find a CopyTo method associated with a TMemoryStream, TStringStream , TFileStream or a TStream. There is a CopyFrom method which gives a 'Stream read error'. As mentioned in comments I used TMemoryStream to extract the data as TBlobField and save it as file. I used the TStringStream to find the header section(which contains the file name and extension) and it position. I'm open for any option as long as I can remove the header section and save it as a file. Note that header section length could vary. – DaNN yesterday

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