I am working on a project that requires a JSON file response through Gmail API which contains a list of all the emails (Sender's Info, Subject, and Body) between given dates. Then that JSON file will be processed as needed.
I'm not sure how to generate a request that could provide me with the required JSON file using Gmail API through Python.
I'm a beginner, Please help me.


Assuming that you have gone through OAuth and built the service (if not, check the quickstart), you have to do the following:

user_id = "me"
searchFilter = "after:2020/01/01 before:2020/10/01"
messages = service.users().messages().list(userId=user_id, q=searchFilter).execute()
  • When listing messages, only the id and the threadId are populated. In order to get the full message resource for all these messages, you should loop through them and call users.messages.get for each message, using its id:
for message in messages["messages"]:
    messageId = message["id"]
    message = service.users().messages().get(userId=user_id, id=messageId).execute()


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