I'm learning to publish contents in facebook page using restFb in java . Is there a way to publish youtube video in to facebook. I tried the below line of code but getting error as

"Received Facebook error response of type OAuthException: Unable to fetch video file from URL. (code 389, subcode 1363057) 'Unable to fetch video file from URL - Unable to fetch video file from URL.' "

new DefaultFacebookClient(pageToken,Version.LATEST).publish(pageId+"/videos", FacebookType.class, Parameter.with("message",message),          Parameter.with("file_url",url),Parameter.with("published",true));

Any help is appreciated. (Even if it is not using restFB) Thanks in advance, Sameekshya

  • Where in code "message" is 'Test' and "url" is 'youtube.com/watch?v=w01V5FI03MQ' – Sameekshya Mishra Sep 16 at 7:36
  • Check out the documentation: Docs – Shivansh Potdar Sep 16 at 7:39
  • 1
    file_url is according to the docs, the url of the video file. The youtube url is not the url to the video file, but to the html page. Maybe you can try to publish a post and add the link field with the youtube url. Depending on what you try to do. Or the more hacky way: you try to find the video url in the youtube page and use that as file_url. But this will most likely break in the near future ... – Norbert Sep 16 at 7:54

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