I wrote the following code :

<a target="_blank"  *ngIf="value.url" [href]="value.url">{{value.data  | translate | removeHTMLTags }}</a>

My expection is to open the new entity on the new tab. I checked the value.url and is: /#/inquiry/5452

when i click on it, it seem not clickable.

At the inspect its looks: enter image description here

what im doing wrong?

im using Angular 8


The problem is that /#/inquiry/5452 is not a valid URL and it expected a valid one. If you have a path like /inquiry/:id in your app-routing.module.ts, So use Angular RouterLink.

You should create something like this:

<a target="_blank"  *ngIf="value.url" [routerLink]="['inquiry', '5452']">{{value.data  | translate | removeHTMLTags }}</a>
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