I'm using laravel and I have to get sum of the 3 columns separately not together.

for e.g

this is my table

 Maths - Science - english
   10     20        10
   15     25        30

and I'm using query like this

$math = Table::condition->sum('Maths');
$science= Table::condition->sum('Science ');
$english= Table::condition->sum('english');

I'm using 3 queries to get the result. How can I do this in a single query in Laravel.


try selectRaw() ref link https://laravel.com/docs/7.x/queries#raw-methods

Table::selectRaw('sum(Maths) as total_math,sum(Science) as total_science,sum(english) as total_english')->get(); 
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  • is there any option without using selectRaw ? – Invincible me Sep 16 at 10:10
  • @Invincibleme i don't know may be yes , but i havn't seen yet but laravel doc says so there should not be any issue – Kamlesh Paul Sep 16 at 10:11

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