Been testing a codebase migration from 7.3 to 7.4, and the only thing that affected us is the PCRE update under PHP.

Currently this regex:
Throws a nasty warning:
Compilation failed: escape sequence is invalid in character class at offset 7

And indeed, if I remove the \R, the warning disappears, but of course the behaviour changes.

I have read the PCRE2 syntax manual, and they list \R as a valid newline sequence character type (see it here). What's up with it then? Why does it throw a warning for it?


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Inside a character class, you can only define single char matching patterns. That means, m will denote m inside [m], \n will denote an LF symbol in [\n], $ will match a $ if it is in [$].

The \R is not a single char matching pattern, it is roughly a \u{000D}\u{000A}|[\u{000A}\u{000B}\u{000C}\u{000D}\u{0085}\u{2028}\u{2029}] pattern that can match two chars, CR+LF.

Hence, you cannot use it in the character class. Use the chars separately, \u{000A}\u{000B}\u{000C}\u{000D}\u{0085}\u{2028}\u{2029} or, depending on the string literal type you use, \x{000A}\x{000B}\x{000C}\x{000D}\x{0085}\x{2028}\x{2029}.

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    Thanks for the clarification and the ready-to-use replacement. Weird choice to remove such functionality from PCRE, but I guess its for the better.
    – Peter
    Sep 16, 2020 at 11:24

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