I had a working webrtc application which stops to work, today. Since there is no change on the code, and with new update of chrome, I thought this will experience by whole webrtc community, and it's worthy to ask here for a sulotion.
That's a typical usage of getUserMedia which tries to access the webcam and microphone:

let constraints = {
  audio: true,
  video: true
.then(function (stream) {//something}
.catch(function (err) {//something}

when I try to access the mic and webcam as before, I NOW encounter to this error: (which is not meaningful to me)

DOMException: Could not start video source

Why cannot start video source? how to avoid (or fix) this problem?
Worth to mention this code is working fine until version 85 of chrome.
Thanks a lot for your kindness and help.



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