I am new to blockchain and after watching couple of tutorial, I am finally trying to develop a small project in .net core, However I have few doubts

  1. is it okay to store blockchain in local database, so that once a node is online it can retrieve this data and check with other nodes for any new transactions ?

  2. In decentralized blockchain, nodes communicate with each other for consensus. But how this vote are really gets summarized. example : If A verify with B, and B verify with C. How come A will know the result of B verifying C for consensus ?

  3. Can we implement a private blockchain on same windows machine by using multiple ports for multiple blockchain nodes, can we consider it as a valid mechanism as private blockchain network?

  4. Finally i have created a architecture for my project (with centralized server to handle voting), can you please review and let me know if it is correct, or i completely misunderstood the concept of block chain ? architecture  and depolyement adding a data in blockchain and notifying other retrieving data

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