I have a DataFrame as follows:

shop | item_price  | item_sold
A    |    123      |     1
B    |    921      |     2
A    |     28      |     4

I want to find the total revenue by each shop. In SQL it looks like this:

SELECT shop, SUM((item_price * item_sold)) as revenue
FROM table

I want to do it in Python using Pandas. I tried:

revenue_by_shop = table.groupby("shop")[table["item_price"] * table["item_sold"]].sum()

But that does not seem like the right answer.

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    In Pandas, you need to calculate the revenue first, then sum it, so something like this should work : df.assign(revenue=df.item_price * df.item_sold).groupby("shop").revenue.sum()
    – sammywemmy
    Sep 18, 2020 at 6:44

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You can multiple values to Series and pass to groupby Series table["shop"]:

df = ((table["item_price"] * table["item_sold"])

Or create new column by DataFrame.assign and pass colum name shop to groupby:

df = (table.assign(revenue = table["item_price"] * table["item_sold"])
           .groupby("shop", as_index=False)['revenue']

I will do it in this way to not overcomplicate it.

df['revenue'] = df['item_price'] * df['item_sold']
revenue_by_shop = df.groupby("shop")['revenue'].sum()

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