I am trying to resolve all the classes derived from a given interface:

   public interface IScheduledAppService : IApplicationService
      string Name { get; }
     // Other properties methods here

The idea is to have several class defined as:

 public class Dummy1ScheduledAppService : DataPumpAppServiceBase, IScheduledAppService, IDummy1ScheduledAppService 
 public class Dummy2ScheduledAppService : DataPumpAppServiceBase, IScheduledAppService, IDummy2ScheduledAppService 


And then resolve them with something like:

 bootstrapper.IocManager.IocContainer.AddFacility<LoggingFacility>(f => f.UseAbpLog4Net().WithConfig("log4net.config"));


            foreach (var service in bootstrapper.IocManager.ResolveAll<IScheduledAppService>())
                Console.WriteLine($"{service.Name} ==> {service.IsEnabled}");                  

I tried registering them using conventional registration and also:

               .If(type => !type.GetTypeInfo().IsGenericTypeDefinition)

But bootstrapper.IocManager.ResolveAll() does not resolve anything. I guess that's the expected behaviour, but I don't know how to get and resolve all the classes derived from IScheduledAppService.


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