Basically what the title says. When I submit the form I'm checking if the login is successful, if not it displays a message. However, when the user starts to type I want this message to go away.

Kinda assumed isDirty would be cleared once the form was submitted, but it remains dirty. I can call reset from the onSubmit, but that will clear the forms' content - which I don't want.


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    Please include the relevant code.
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You can send a new set of values to the reset. Since you do receive a set of values in the submit handler, you could connect both functionalities in the following way:

const {reset, handleSubmit, formState} = useForm();
const {isDirty} = formState;

const handleFormSubmit = (values) =>
    //This would be the call where you post your info
    .then(response => console.log('response', response))
    .finally(() => reset(values));

Notice the reset(values) in the example above, which will reset your form to the values it tried to submit. Thus, rendering isDirty back to false.

This is a rather common need in forms that do not reload or redirect after sending the information, so I assume they will eventually create a cleaner way to do it.

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    Warning: reset also changes the id from the fields useFieldArray, so will cause remounting of those components (only some use-cases will be affected). It's discussed more here. The answers below (reset({}, { keepValues: true });) don't seem to have this issue.
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    Jan 20, 2023 at 22:02

resetting in a useEffect() will work, but useEffect() should not be used for such things. see all the discussions around react 18 and useEffect() running twice.

just call

reset({}, { keepValues: true });

in your handleSubmit function at the end. no need to provide all values if you just want to keep the current ones.

  • This causes another problem and sets the form to the previous defaults value. Also tried adding keepValues but no effect.
    – TruMan1
    Mar 31, 2023 at 13:23

Thanks to this thread and posted by Charlie-Hua, we both solved this by: https://github.com/react-hook-form/react-hook-form/issues/3097

  React.useEffect(() => {
    if (isSubmitSuccessful) {
      reset({}, { keepValues: true });
  }, [isSubmitSuccessful, reset]);

To reset the isDirty state without interfering with the form's values or default values, one example would be (being explicit):

reset(undefined, {keepValues: true, keepDirty: false, keepDefaultValues: false});

Example with React.useEffect() hook:

I want to keep the submitted name and filter values and the ability to reset to the original defaultValues, while resetting isDirty:

const { reset, formState: { isSubmitSuccessful } } = useForm({
  defaultValues: {
    filter: "",
    category: "",

React.useEffect(() => {
  if(isSubmitSuccessful) {
    reset(undefined, {keepValues: true, keepDirty: false, keepDefaultValues: false});
}, [isSubmitSuccessful, reset]);

The useForm Documentation explains under props the different options available for reset(). They can also be referenced in the project's TypeScript Declaration

Infered type:

const reset: (values?: any, keepStateOptions?: Partial<{
    keepDirtyValues: boolean;
    keepErrors: boolean;
    keepDirty: boolean;
    keepValues: boolean;
    keepDefaultValues: boolean;
    keepIsSubmitted: boolean;
    keepTouched: boolean;
    keepIsValid: boolean;
    keepSubmitCount: boolean;
}> | undefined) => void

to set the current state as not dirty you should reset, send false to other params and send the current state as values:

reset(watch(), { keepValues: false, keepDirty: false, keepDefaultValues: false });
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