I'm using the Scala plugin for IDEA and normally, it works (almost) perfectly.

However, it seems to have problem with the import statements for the Play framework: I often get the error "Cannot resolve symbol x". Now that doesn't stop the program from working, but it makes autocompletion completely useless.

Example: import org.scalatest.junit._

I already added /opt/play/framework/src and /opt/play/framework/play-1.2.2RC2.jar to classes and sources of my project. (using "Project Structure")

Any ideas on how to solve this? Or is this simply a bug?

(I am using Scala, IDEA 10.5 and Scala Plugin 0.4.1084)


Try to add tmp/generated to your sources as well. Eclipse also has this issue, since the Play Framework generate the source files from the templates. See Errors in Eclipse for Scala project generated by Play Framework.

  • I did that, but I still get the same errors. Do I need to do anything else? – Mononofu Jun 29 '11 at 19:34
  • 6
    ok, I found out how to fix it: I needed to add “scala-library” to my. module dependencies: blog.jetbrains.com/scala/2010/09/02/… – Mononofu Jul 1 '11 at 9:41

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