I'm using the REST Debugger as a first try at working with the stripe API. I can login and perform some basic creation and listing tasks. When creating a customer the (postal) address elements are described as parameters that are of type 'dictionary'. The docs (https://stripe.com/docs/api/customers/create) refers to them as 'child parameters' with a notation address.line1, address.city etc. I'm lost as to what this means in terms of a Delphi friendly syntax. Anyone got any clues to move me forward? Many thanks

  • Data from multiple tables come across in one REST result. Ex customer and address records (commonly one for billing, one for shipping) for example. – Brian Sep 18 at 18:20

I took a look at the PHP client sources, and I found that the parameters were flattened with a key[subkey] scheme before being sent. So you should use the following parameter names for the address:

  • address[line1]
  • address[city]
  • address[country]
  • ...
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  • Many thanks - that's what I was after. Works a treat. Not sure I would ever have figured that out! – Harry Rogers Sep 18 at 20:37

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