Okay so here is the problem. I use discord.py rewrite to code discord bots and to run it 24/7 I first save it as a private repository on github and then link my heroku app to my github repository and build the file whenever I update its code, so my bot stays online. I have made a currency bot now and I used a json file to save the data but, the saved data gets saved back to the values which it had when I had uploaded the json file on github. So for example lets say I use a "$beg" command, well then a certain amount is deposited with my discord id and the amount in the json file. But when the build is done on heroku the complete data in the json file gets saved back to the default values and so does my balance in the currency. Here is the code: {

import discord
from discord.ext import commands
import os
import json
import random

client = commands.Bot(command_prefix="$")

async def on_ready():
    print("bot is ready")

async def ping(ctx):
    await ctx.send(f"{ctx.author.mention}, hey there :)")

async def balance(ctx):
    user = ctx.author
    await open_account(user)
    users = await get_bank_data()
    em = discord.Embed(title = f"{ctx.author.name}'s balance",
        color = discord.Color.green())
    wallet_amt = users[str(user.id)]["wallet"]
    bank_amt = users[str(user.id)]["bank"]
    em.add_field(name = "Wallet",value = wallet_amt)
    em.add_field(name = "Bank",value = bank_amt)
    await ctx.send(embed = em)

async def deposit(ctx,amount: int):
    users = await get_bank_data()
    user = ctx.author
    #if(str(user.id) in users):
    if users[str(user.id)]["wallet"] < amount:
        await ctx.send(f"{ctx.author.name}, you can only deposit as much as you have in your 
wallet :( ")
        users[str(user.id)]["wallet"] -= amount
        users[str(user.id)]["bank"] +=amount
        await ctx.send(f"{user.name} deposite {amount} coins :D")
    with open("mainbank.json","w") as f:

async def beg(ctx):
    user = ctx.author
    users = await get_bank_data()
    donation_amount = random.randint(0,10)
    await ctx.send(f"Someone gave you {donation_amount} coins :)")
    users[str(user.id)]["wallet"] += donation_amount
    with open("mainbank.json","w") as f:
async def helpme(ctx):
    await ctx.send('''Here are the list of commands:-
                $ping ~ pings your name
                $balance ~ check your balance
                $beg ~ get donated by generous people
                more updates coming soon!!!''')

async def open_account(user):
    users = await get_bank_data()
    if(str(user.id) in users):
        return False
        users[str(user.id)] = {}
        users[str(user.id)]["wallet"] = 0
        users[str(user.id)]["bank"] = 0
    with open("mainbank.json","w") as f:
    return True

async def get_bank_data():
    with open("mainbank.json","r") as f:
        users = json.load(f)
    return users

} and my json file's name is mainbank.json

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