I am trying to install some packages from a .txt file. When I try to install them, pip is reading the file but is saying that '=' is an invalid operator. I have also tried changing the '=' to '==' with no success.

For example, I am trying to install aniso8601=8.0.0=py_0, but keep getting the error:

ERROR: Invalid requirement: 'aniso8601=8.0.0=py_0' (from line 4 of requirements.txt)
Hint: = is not a valid operator. Did you mean == ?

Edit: I was getting the list of dependencies from someone else and the py_0 portion was an oversight by me as it was something added that they left on the end of their list.

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    pip install ansio8601==8.0.0. Not sure what you expect from =py_0. – buran Sep 21 '20 at 15:22
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    You're using a requirements.txt file generated with Anaconda, which is not the same as a requirements.txt file generated using pip: stackoverflow.com/questions/48787250/… – Luke Burns Nov 5 '20 at 0:05

I'm not sure why you put =py_0 and what it means, but here's an example of correct requirements file:


To install all dependencies use pip install -r filename.txt

To create a requirements file use pip freeze > filename.txt

  • It is an anaconda requirements.txt that's why – StephenBoesch Mar 12 at 3:57

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