I have a app can take call via WebRTC in iOS, this working normal when call with browser, but when call with android app I can't set remote sdp with error: Called with SDP without DTLS fingerprint. After searching I found that the sdp send from android don't have DTLS param: a=setup..., a=fingerprint.... and the stream media only has RTP/AVPF like below. Can you help me to fix this problem. Thanks! note: Android call with android is normal.

m=video 9 RTP/AVPF 96 97 98 99 100 101 127 123 125

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Finally I found the answer, because in android app has a setting to disable encryption in peer connection Factory option cause this bug, so I change disableEncryption to false and every thing work fine.

.setOptions(PeerConnectionFactory.Options().apply {
                disableEncryption = false
                disableNetworkMonitor = true

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