I'm trying to leverage the Webhook functionality from Aspnet Boilerplate (Abp). I've an existing app and I wish only to use the webhooks functionality.

I just want to leverage the built in services from my existing app services

I'm using dotnet core

In my startup.cs file I have

public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IWebHostEnvironment env) {

I'm trying to use the WebhookSubscriptionManager class to add a new subscription. I just inject the IWebhookSubscriptionManager as below expecting it to resolve but it doesn't

public class CarService : IDomainService
    private readonly IWebhookSubscriptionManager _webHookSubscriptionManager;

    public CarService(IWebhookSubscriptionManager webhookSubscriptionManager)
        _webHookSubscriptionManager = webhookSubscriptionManager;


I get the following error

Unable to resolve service for type 'Abp.Webhooks.IWebhookSubscriptionManager'

Question: How do I wire this up so that the Abp built in services/manger classes are accessible external to the Abp module system? Or is the necessary?


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