I am using laravel backpack. I want to open media gallery in backpack when click on browse button. I have added file manager and the images are stored in amazon s3. The images in s3 gallery will open, when click on browse button.
Please help me, how can I open the media gallery?

I have used field type as browse. But, when I select image and trying to save it in amazon s3, it is not saving. Please help me to solve this issue.

My field:

        'label'  => "Image",
        'name'   => "image",
        'type'   => 'browse',
        'upload' => true,
        'disk'   => 's3',

My model's mutator method:

public function setImageAttribute($value) {
    $attribute_name = 'image'; 
    $disk = 's3'; 
    $destination_path = '';
    $this->uploadFileToDisk($value, $attribute_name, $disk, $destination_path);
  • Hi, welcome to Stackoverflow and to Backpack. We'd be happy to help. To do so, we'll need a bit more information though. Presumably when you say " when click on browse button" you mean that you want to open the media gallery when you click on a browse button that you've added as a field in one of your CRUD panels. Is that correct? If thats correct, could you please post the code for your crud controller and also let us know how that code is currently failing? – Wesley Smith Sep 24 at 14:39
  • Alternatively, if you issues is that you're not sure how to set up the button to open the media manager from your CRUD, let us know that and we can help from there. – Wesley Smith Sep 24 at 14:40
  • I've edited your question to include the followup question you posted in the Gitter chatroom. Based on that, it seems you worked out opening the elfinder from the browse button but cant actually upload a new image to s3. Can you please tell us if there is any error displayed on the screen or logged to your laravel log file when attempting to save fails? – Wesley Smith Sep 24 at 14:58
  • Hi Wesley, Thank you for your reply. The file manager is opened when click on browse button and also able to select image. But, when click on save the image is not saving. In upload type, it is working fine. I have used setImageAttribute function and called uploadFileToDisk method. It is not displaying any error. – ShekharK Sep 25 at 5:00
  • Here is the code, which I am using $this->crud->addField([ 'label' => "Image", 'name' => "image", 'type' => 'browse', 'upload' => true, 'disk' => 's3', ], 'both'); public function setImageAttribute($value) { $attribute_name = 'image'; $disk = 's3'; $destination_path = ''; $this->uploadFileToDisk($value, $attribute_name, $disk, $destination_path); } – ShekharK Sep 25 at 5:08

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