After attempting to configure IIS as a replacement for IIS Express, both stopped working and delivered the above error on deploying the .NET Core project in VS2019. According to IIS anonymous authentication is enabled, I also entered explicit user name and password as well as giving my user all rights to work with the project's directory. I restarted the IIS several times and re-created the pools and Pages, as well as repairing VS2019 in hope to get the IIS Express running again at least. I have no idea what else I could do.

EDIT: I am using IIS10

   IIS Web Core
Error Code
Requested URL
Physical Path
Logon Method
   Noch unbestimmt
Logon User
   Noch unbestimmt
  • Are you trying to host a .NET Core application on IIS? I just deployed an API to a VM with IIS and might be able to help you a bit. – Henkolicious Sep 24 '20 at 13:28
  • I am, through this one is merely hosting a bot. After all that trouble I think i will stick to IIS Express for a while. – Beltway Sep 25 '20 at 8:57

You can try the following steps to solve your problem:

  1. Right click on the project, go to properties.
  2. Select the web, and then you will find a service setting
  3. Change the project URL for other port, like http://localhost:44338/.

I was able to figure it out myself by now:

For some reason during setting up the IIS and IIS profile (accidentally or by some quirk of VS), the anynomous authentification setting was set to false. Which also affected the IIS Express to not work properly anymore. Simply enabled anonymous authentification resolved the issue for both. Project Properties -> Debug -> IIS profile -> anonymous authentification: ✓

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