I am using C++ for Video play and analysis software developer. In here i have a question. I want drawing line and more shape over MFP video. How can i this?.I tried catch WM_PAINT message and drawing process but unsuccess. I upload two image to showing problem. I can draw line but since MFP disable, but MFP writes video to over my drawing when MFP enabled. Thank You. Before MFP Video Playing After MFP Video Playing

EDIT:Drawing Code

void __fastcall TForm6::Ciz()
  HPEN hPen = CreatePen(PS_SOLID,2,RGB(255,130,0));
  BeginPaint(Panel2->Handle, &ps);
  MoveToEx(dc, Dot2->Left + 15, Dot2->Top + 15, NULL);
  LineTo(dc, Dot1->Left + 15, Dot1->Top + 15);
  EndPaint(Panel2->Handle, &ps);

  BeginPaint(Panel2->Handle, &ps);
  MoveToEx(dc, Dot3->Left + 15, Dot3->Top + 15, NULL);
  LineTo(dc, Dot2->Left + 15, Dot2->Top + 15);
  EndPaint(Panel2->Handle, &ps);
  • 🐴 This is an “I want a pony” type of question that’s difficult to answer concisely and is off-topic on Stack Overflow. If you can, make an attempt and then show us your code we can understand what you’re trying to do on a technical level. Even a small amount of code, however incomplete or broken, can give us context and illustrate your intentions. Instead of leaving us to speculate on what you might need, give us something to build so we can focus help in those areas where it’s most needed. – tadman Sep 25 at 7:44
  • 1
    Thanks tadman. You are right. I added part of drawing code. MFP plays video on my TPanel. I want drawing shape over that playing video in TPanel. I am using GDI/GDI+ API for drawing. Also i tried DirectX to drawing shape but result same. – Michealon Sep 25 at 8:41
  • Hmmm.. what is MFP? The mfp tag doesn't give any clue. So, is it perhaps Macromedia Flash Player? Is it a separate component? You can not draw on the same surface as you have noted. You could try overlay a transparent window on which you draw. You may need to define opacity as 1, not to be completely transparent. – Tom Brunberg Sep 25 at 9:37
  • Thanks Tom. MFP(Media Foundation Platform) is a Microsoft Audio and Video stream API and has in the SDK. Also has headers for C++. Transparent pattern makes all shape transparent. Actually i thinking create shape with Hwnd. But how make line with hwnd?. – Michealon Sep 25 at 11:14

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