I've compiled a small dynamic Android Arm library (in c ++) just to test how Delphi can interact with it (as a starting point for another real big project) : Here's my c++ :

const char* TestHelloWorld()


    std::string a = "world";
    std::string b = (boost::format("hello: %s") % a).str();    
    char* c = const_cast<char*>(b.c_str());    
    LOGI("%s", c);// using android log ( adb )     
    return c;


and here's my Delphi implementation :

procedure TForm7.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    DocDir, LibFN: string;
    _TestHelloWorld: function() : MarshaledAString; cdecl;   
    hLib: HMODULE;
     DocDir := IncludeTrailingPathDelimiter(TPath.GetLibraryPath);
      LibFN:=DocDir + 'libtest-cpp.so';
      hLib := LoadLibrary(PWideChar(LibFN));
      if hLib<>0 then
       _TestHelloWorld: GetProcAddress(hLib, 'TestHelloWorld');  
        ShowMessage(_TestHelloWorld: );     

The result in the Android Log :

enter image description here

The result with delphi :

enter image description here

So please what's the issue with my delphi code ; is related to using MarshaledAString ?

PS : I'm using RAD Studio Tokyo version .

  • You don't sow your delphi definition of the c++ function. Also there seems to be a typo in your code on the _TestHelloWorld. – Dsm Sep 25 at 10:01
  • It is likely an issue of ANSI/UNICODE. Make sure that Delphi and C++ use same character encoding. MarshaledAString is an alias for pointer to AnsiChar. In your C++ code, are char ansi or unicode? – fpiette Sep 25 at 10:14
  • You are returning a pointer to memory owned by b bit b is destroyed when the function returns. So you have an invalid pointer and thus undefined behaviour. – David Heffernan Sep 26 at 7:05

I think your C++ char* is a PWideChar (in modern C++Builder), so should be matched to MarshaledString on the Delphi side.

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  • No. char* is an 8 bit type matching PAnsiChar or MarshaledAString – David Heffernan Sep 26 at 7:03

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