I have an application running on Android, it uses Bluetooth in some tabs (using sockets, after I include it on my project, I get the warning), and when I run (only) debugging it shows me a warning: Cannot bind, address already in use.

The situation is:

  • If I run not debugging, it shows no warning.
  • If I include a parameter on Project/Options/Debugger/Parameters (e.g: -debugport=54321) and I run using debug, it execute with no warnings.

It seems to be the port that I'm using to debug is busy, but I can't find a way to "set another port" or "if port n is busy, go to another", because I don't want to put parameters (the debugport) on my settings.

Maybe some code to modify the state of the ports of IDE, or even in adb.exe

EDIT: My program is running normally, I just want to hide this warning (not forever, but a solution to this occasion).

EDIT 2: When I run for the first time (restarting PC and Android phone) I get no errors (in this case it will be the first time that it's using this port), I don't know if some function/method to free the port that the application was using will resolve the problem.

For some code to have in mind of my project: The whole process of sockets and connection is based in the sample that Embarcadero offers, I'm using "Classic Bluetooth Basic app" (it includes FSocket->Free(); and FServerSocket->Free(); that seems to free the socket and resolve problem, but no).

How can I deal with it?

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