How to load a report FastReports totally in runtime?

I would like to load and run my reports all at runtime. I designed the reports in the FastReports editor, saved the project file and now I need to load them at runtime.

Everything will be created at runtime. frxReport frxDBDataset frxPDFExport

I set up the coding, however there is an error in PrepareReport, because FastReports looks for the frxDBDataSet1 linked in the report and cannot find it.

I'm not sure how to do this step.

My method looks like this:

procedure TServerReports.Catalogo;
  LReport    : TfrxReport;
  LPDF       : TfrxPDFExport;
  LDataSet   : TfrxDBDataset;
  LFileName  : string;
    LReport          := TfrxReport.Create(nil);

    LDataSet         := TfrxDBDataset.Create(nil);
    LDataSet.DataSet := Query;

    LPDF             := TfrxPDFExport.Create(nil);

    LReport.LoadFromFile(Format('%s\%s', [TConfig.DirFastReports, 'Catalogo_02.fr3']));

    LReport.DataSet := LDataSet;

    LFileName := Format('%s\Catalogo%s.pdf', [TConfig.DirSaveReports, FormatDateTime('DDMMYYYhhmmss', Now)]);

    LReport.FileName                := LFileName;
    LReport.PrepareReport(); //Error because frxDBDataSet1
    LReport.ShowProgress            := False;
    LReport.PrintOptions.ShowDialog := False;

    LPDF.ShowProgress               := False;
    LPDF.ShowDialog                 := False;
    LPDF.FileName                   := LFileName;

  except on E:Exception do
      raise Exception.Create(E.Message);

I receive this error:
enter image description here

  • Just an idea: Give the correct name to the component you create at run time (LDataSet.Name := 'frxDBDataset1'; and use the instead of nil in the Create method. – fpiette Sep 26 at 6:09
  • In the report generated does the dataset use relative or absolute file name? – Dsm Sep 26 at 8:18
  • Hi, how good it is to cool your head with a good night's sleep. ;) In fact, we just needed to configure the object's Name. I just put: LDataSet: = TfrxDBDataset.Create (nil); LDataset.Name: = 'frxDBDataSet1'; LDataSet.DataSet: = Query; There you go. Thank you – asrsantos Sep 26 at 15:46
  • Try LReport.LoadFromFile(Format('%s\%s', [TConfig.DirFastReports, 'Catalogo_02.fr3'])); LReport.DataSets.Clear; LReport.DataSets.Add(LDataSet); – gpi Oct 3 at 16:57

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