We created app using JHipster on Spring Boot. Our app scaled a lot and our main issue is database scaling and performances. How is it possible to make 2 DB process in spring boot where one will act as writer and other one will act as reader ?

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    Have you tried defining 2 datasources one with a user that has full read/write permissions and another one that can only read? – Gaël Marziou Sep 26 at 18:41
  • No and that is to complicated, is it possible that there is no support for such a important thing in spring framework ? – user3364181 Sep 28 at 12:42
  • What is complicated in this approach? This is how it is usually done in Spring, defining a @Primary datasource bean, there are plenty examples and docs about it. Alternatively, you could use a db pool loadbalancer server side, like pg-pool for postgresql. – Gaël Marziou Sep 28 at 14:22
  • Can you please give me example of how it's done ? – user3364181 Sep 28 at 14:34

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