I have a docker compose file that starts up few containers including prometheus, alertmanager and grafana. These containers are not able to connect to internet. I have tried multiple solutions but to no avail. I am on a digitalocean ubuntu droplet.

My docker-compose file:

version: '3'


      image: prom/prometheus:v2.20.1
      container_name: prometheus
        - 9090:9090
        - /data/prometheus:/prometheus
        - ./prometheus/:/etc/prometheus/
      restart: always
      image: prom/alertmanager:v0.21.0
      container_name: alertmanager
        - 9093:9093
        - 6783:6783
        - '--log.level=debug'
        - '--config.file=/etc/alertmanager/alertmanager_config.yml'
        - '--storage.path=/alertmanager'
        - ./alertmanager:/etc/alertmanager
        - /data/alertmanager:/alertmanager
      restart: always

      image: grafana/grafana:7.1.5
      container_name: grafana
        - 3000:3000
        - ./grafana.ini:/etc/grafana/grafana.ini
      restart: always

I have tried multiple things

  • Installed resolvconf and restarted docker service docker restart
  • Changed /etc/resolv.conf on host machine to point to google or openDNS servers.
  • Added DNS in /etc/docker/daemon.json and restarted docker
    "dns" : ["", ""]
  • Changed DNS nameserver inside the containers from
options ndots:0



Commands run inside the container

/alertmanager $ wget http://curl.haxx.se/download/curl-7.36.0.tar.gz
wget: bad address 'curl.haxx.se'
/alertmanager $ nslookup google.com
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

/alertmanager $ 

While sending alerts, alertmanager gives error:

lookup api.<my website>.com on read udp> i/o timeout"

I tried to run alertmanager on host network and it still doesn't work

docker run --net host -d prom/alertmanager:v0.21.0
docker exec -it <container_id> sh

/alertmanager $ cat /etc/resolv.conf 
/alertmanager $ ls
/alertmanager $ wget http://curl.haxx.se/download/curl-7.36.0.tar.gz
wget: bad address 'curl.haxx.se'
/alertmanager $ set vc
/alertmanager $ nslookup google.com
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

I have tried many options but haven't found the solution yet. Anyone who can help me with this? let me know if more details are required.

  • Try to ping google with the IP address to check if is a DNS problem or connection problem
    – Max
    Sep 26 '20 at 20:24
  • nslookup outputs ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached. I think it's a connection issue Sep 26 '20 at 21:10
  • Try this: docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash then install ping with apt update && apt install iputils-ping then try to ping google by ip and by fqdn. If the problem persist you have to search the on your LAN.
    – Max
    Sep 27 '20 at 14:41

I was able to solve the issue. It turns out in the digitalocean firewall for the droplet, the outbound traffic were blocked for UDP. Only TCP traffic was allowed. And hence the dns resolution was not working.

DNS uses TCP for Zone transfer and UDP for name queries either regular (primary) or reverse. UDP can be used to exchange small information whereas TCP must be used to exchange information larger than 512 bytes. DNS requires port 53 for name resolution and from the docker logs it can be seen port 53 is being used but since udp outbound traffic were blocked, dns was not working.

However, I did try to force docker to use TCP by setting dns_opt=use-vc setting. This didn't work. UDP traffic was allowed and now it is working.

  • 2
    Hello, I didn't understand how you solved the issue exactly. Is setting dns_opt=use-vc worked or not? if yes where did you set that? if not, how you did exactly to solve the problem. Thank you in advance
    – Yosra
    Jun 17 at 7:52
  • 1
    Your answer is not clear, Please describe in detail Jul 13 at 14:03

It could be simply that your host iptables rule is blocking.
On your host machine, double check the output of iptables -L -v -n. Or temporarily even try something like iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT and then after confirming it work, revert it with iptables -P INPUT DROP. For the access to the outside world instead of local docker dns, replace INPUT with FORWARD.

  • i tried this. iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT did not work. Then I did this iptables -P INPUT DROP. And now I can't login to the droplet. (facepalm) Sep 27 '20 at 9:02
  • Oops. Sorry, I assumed iptables policy was drop on your machine.
    – smekkley
    Sep 27 '20 at 9:10

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